DIRRECT Power™ Blue

Quick Rinse, High-Efficiency Cleaner

DIRRECT Power Blue is a proprietary industrial cleaner that delivers extreme performance and efficiency at high dilutions. Its quick rinsing, low foaming attributes eliminate hard water staining and streaking, while effectively removing dirt, soot, grime, salt buildup, and debris from a wide variety of substrates. DIRRECT Power Blue has been independently tested to be compatible with all substrates that are water-tolerable. DIRRECT Power Blue is the go-to choice for transit, marine, pressure washing, and other applications requiring effective cleaning without any risk of material incompatibility.

  • Delivers cleaning efficiency greater than 96% as confirmed by NSF (test results available upon request)
  • EPA Safer Choice certified for environmental and worker safety
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, no fumes, no phosphates, no caustics low foaming, rinses freely with no residue—reduces water consumption
  • Will not damage painted or unpainted surfaces, 3M decals, aluminum, steel, composites, rubbers, plastics, and many other surfaces when diluted per instructions
  • Cost effective—performance at high dilution ratios
  • Excellent performance with manual or automated cleaning systems, hand washing, pressure washing
  • Wastewater discharge compliant
  • Effective in reclamation water cleaning systems

Also available in:

  • Dirrect Power Blue IC (ready to use)
  • Dirrect Power Blue 200 (super concentrate)
Available Sizes: Gallon (case pack of 4), 5 Gallon Pail