Custom Product Development

Specialized solutions, engineered just for you

Want a theatrical fluid or Halloween product no other retailer has? Looking for a unique effect to steal the show? Let the experts at Grignard develop a custom formulation that blows the doors off the competition.

Expert, on-site R&D

Grignard has the most advanced R&D facility in the industry staffed by experienced chemists. Just let us know what you’re trying to achieve and our chemists can develop a product that meets your precise requirements.

Health & safety certified

Our custom solutions are analyzed by a chemist for health and safety compliance. All Grignard products are certified safe for use in public entertainment venues and comply with all pertinent U.S. and Canadian federal regulations. And we provide 24-hour health and safety support.

Custom packaging solutions

Need some killer packaging to go with your custom formulation? We have you covered, with the industry’s most comprehensive OEM & Private Label Solutions.

So go ahead—let your imagination run wild. And let Grignard turn your product thoughts into profitable realities.

Need a custom solution?

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Grignard FX products are developed and tested in our on-site R&D

Grignard FX products are developed and tested in our on-site R&D lab staffed by degreed chemists with extensive experience in theatrical fluids.