DIRRECT Power™ Orange

Extreme-Duty Alkaline Detergent

DIRRECT Power Orange is an extreme-duty, high pH alkaline cleaner that effectively removes oxidation and carbon buildup from steel and stainless steel without the risk of reoxidation or substrate damage. It is ideal for medical device parts cleaning, cleaning steel surfaces prior to passivation, ultrasonic cleaning operations, and for steel mold cleaning, as well as other applications utilizing ferrous or nickel-based metals.

  • Extreme potency for applications where a high pH is allowable and necessary
  • Excellent for stained ferrous or nickel parts from the metalworking process
  • Removes baked-on soot, carbon, greases, and other industrial maintenance and repair operations contaminants Industrial use only
  • Phosphate-free, silicate-free
  • Free rinsing, leaves no interfering residues
  • Works well with manual or ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • No vapors, fumes, or odors
  • Water dilutable
Available Sizes: Gallon (case pack of 4), 5 Gallon Pail