Degreaser and Metal Brightener

DIRRECT Power AOC brightens stainless, aluminum, and other metal surfaces while attacking grease deposits, dirt, grime, salt, and oxidation. It eliminates the need for a two-step acid and alkaline wash system, while protecting the substrate from reoxidation.

  • Compatible with most metals, 3M decals, plastics, elastomers, gaskets, seals, painted or unpainted surfaces.
  • Low-foaming / free rinsing—leaves no interfering residues
  • Excellent performance with manual, spray, or ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Attacks dried grease residue
  • Reduces hard water stains, and emulsify oils and greases
  • Biodegradable; non-hazardous, non-toxic, no fumes, no phosphates
  • Siemens approved
Available Sizes: 55 Gallon Drum, Gallon (case pack of 4), 5 Gallon Pail