DIRRECT Power™ Green

Quick-Split Non-Emulsifying Cleaner

DIRRECT Power Green is a high-powered, non-emulsifying industrial cleaner specifically used for cleaning operations that utilize oil skimmers, oil-water separators, and oil coalescers. DIRRECT Power Green rapidly separates oil and grime from the substrate being cleaned without emulsification. It is ideal for use in both passive and active oil-water separation units. Oils and greases will float to the surface, while heavy additives such as chlorinated oils will sink, allowing for separation of the contaminants, and reuse of the cleaning solution.

  • Shown to deliver cleaning efficiencies > 95% in independent NSF testing (test results available upon request)
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, no fumes, no phosphates, no EDTA, no glycol ethers, no scents
  • Free rinsing, leaving behind no interfering residues
  • High performance with ultrasonic cleaning systems, dip tanks, and applications with reclamation catch basins or coalescers
  • User-safe—complies with OSHA and all safety regulations
  • Tested safe on most metals, rubber, gel coats, fiberglass, concrete, painted and unpainted surfaces, rubber, and wood.
Available Sizes: Gallon (case pack of 4), 5 Gallon Pail