PreLube 6 Wire Rope & Chain Lubricant

Penetrating Wire Rope and Chain Preservative Lubricant

Formulated for the protection of aircraft carrier arresting systems, PreLube 6 preservative-lubricant has met the test of time for critical use applications requiring a water displacing, penetrating, preservative lubricant. PreLube 6 forms a thin, transparent, non-drying film that resists corrosion caused by salt, moisture and acid. It penetrates to the core of the wire rope or chain to provide inner-strand lubricity that fills the cavities to provide superior coating that extends the life of wire rope, chain and moving parts. PreLube 6 does not contain solvents and is composed of 100% active ingredients.

  • Non-drying formula—eliminates flaking
  • Excellent resistance to rust from acids, salts, alkali
  • Easy to apply via spray, dip, paint, brush, swab, drip, or automated wire rope lubricators
  • Non-tacky—resists dirt and dust pickup
  • Easy pumping down to -20°F
  • Allows visual inspection
  • Can be used as a general-purpose lubricant anywhere lubrication is required
  • NSN # 9150-00-935-4127
  • Certified for fire truck ladder rope per NFPA 1901, section 19.19, 19.203, and 19.5.3
  • Utilized on chain ropes, chain links, leaf springs, aircraft control cables, rotary lifts, drill bits, chain hoists, milling machines, catch cables
Available Sizes: 12 Ounce Can (case pack of 12), 5 Gallon Pail