DIRRECT Power™ All-Purpose Outdoor Wash

Versatile Cleaner for Most Outdoor Tasks

High-performance, all-purpose cleaning solution for a virtually any outdoor cleaning task, from tough spring-cleaning projects to everyday chores.

  • Easily rinse away dirt, insects, bird waste, mold, and more
  • Low foaming, quick rinse formula uses less water
  • Safe for use on most outdoor surfaces—including glass, wicker, resin, wood, plastic, canvas, metal, and rattan
  • Versatile—cleans patios, playsets and toys, outdoor furniture, coolers, awnings and mats, umbrellas, sports equipment, fencing, gardening tools and equipment
  • Concentrate can be diluted at varying ratios up to 1:100 for different cleaning tasks
Available Sizes: Gallon (case pack of 4)